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Following Steve Jackson's other release +6 Bag O'Munchkins. Aside from the weirdness of using these in a game of Munchkin - you can put one in front of you in order to gain a benefit during the game - SJ added a whole level of weirdness to them by allowing you to use the pieces in any ...
If it's 8:30, it must be a bar-mitzvahOur dear friends had a bar-mitzvah for their (4th? 5th?) son on shabbat morning. The BM boy read beautifully and then spoke very quickly.Shul was followed by a kiddush.If
On Rachel's first full day back, we went to a bris, a funeral, and a play. I reminded her that Jerusalem isn't like this all the time. But considering all of the other events that will occur in the next two weeks: two weddings, a bar mitzvah, New Year's,
The latest Jerusalem Strategy Gaming Club session report is up. Games played: Phoenicia, Atlantic Star, Alice and Wonderland Parade.First play of Phoenicia for four of us,
Rachel is returning tomorrow, God willing, for semester break.Over the next two and a half weeks, we're scheduled to attend two weddings, a funeral/shiva, a bris, a play, a bar-mitzvah, one or two sheva brachot, a shul shabbaton, and God
This post lists new (to me) blogs since my last roundup, which was around three months ago.You may also want to check the sidebar on my blog to see if your blog was dropped from my list, which it was if it has not been updated (or contained
The latest Jerusalem Strategy Gaming Club session report is up. Games played: Hare and Tortoise, Cuba, Amyitis.First play for all of us on each game. First looks at Hare and
PraiseeLuna.com is a fantastic, invaluable web site.The site contains a large list of kosher restaurants around Israel, and offers - for free - 10% discount
Dinner at Nadine's. I brought Tribune. It supports up to five players, and is fairly easy to understand.We played with Beth, a longtime friend of Nadine's from LA who comes from a gaming family, and I-can't-remember-her-name-but-Nadine-will
The latest Jerusalem Strategy Gaming Club session report is up. Games played: Alice and Wonderland Parade, Dominion: Intrigue, Magic: the Gathering, Homesteaders, Tribune.
Watching vs PerformingThere are two distinct aspects to board gaming; so distinct, that they aren't the same activity at all, though they look the same from the outside, and most games package some
Five of us played Alice in Wonderland Parade and Vegas Showdown.Not having been to Essen, I didn't have a copy of Parade, but it was easily made from my Sticheln deck.I'm pretty sure I got most of the rules right; I wasn't sure
I'm invited out for dinner, and I made lunch: roast potatoes, noodel kugel, veggie cholent, cheese, bread, wine, salad, apple pie.Gamers are coming for lunch, so I expect to play something after. Maybe I'll bring something to dinner, too. I
The latest Jerusalem Strategy Gaming Club session report is up. Games played: Dominion: Intrigue, Dominion: Seaside, Tichu, Le Havre, Pillars of the Earth, San Juan.First
Toronto is old hat to me, I guess. Other than a brief trip for Chinese at Golden Chopsticks (ok, but nothing amazing), Cafe Bistro with Rachel (very nice dairy), and to pick up some games, I've been inside, working.Rachel is scholar-in
The latest Jerusalem Strategy Gaming Club session report is up. Games played Galaxy Trucker, It's Alive.First play of Galaxy Trucker for everyone, I think.Next
ShedIt's Alive x 4Carpe AstraHaciendaKingdomsPathMerchants of AmsterdamBeyond BalderdashGreedy GreedyChapatiBridge TrollVerrater / Meuterer
I ran a game at BGG.con which I called Zauberenhändler, which I hope means Wizard Trader in German (that's what it was supposed to mean).CardsThere were 1000 cards, 10 identical copies of 100
The latest Jerusalem Strategy Gaming Club session report is up, quite belatedly (last Wed's). Games played: Fluxx, Year of the Dragon, Shadows Over Camelot, Notre Dame, Vegas Showdown,
I have verbal assurance from American that they will be refunding me my $1200. And it only took three hours on the telephone to four different airline reps at two different airlines. Here's what happened:
I just spent a half an hour arguing and pleading with American Airlines to give me a discount after they lost my ticket Dallas to Toronto. They said it was my agent's fault for changing something; they could see my name there, but there was no longer an
My taxi ride
At the Geekbuzz station. BGG.con is now wrapping up and I'll try to help clean up, get a ride to Dallas, hit 1/2 Priced Books, and a bridge club this evening with David. Then to Toronto tomorrow.Played Time's Up (a expansion about titles) -
Rachel was scholar-in-residence, and I was "her husband", for shabbat. We stayed with and ate at lovely people's houses, but I felt a little out of place; most of the conversations were about sports, business, Republican politics, drinking (which I don't
More infoRachel is scholar and residence in Dallas this shabbat (not a coincidence). She landed in Dallas at 1:00, at the same time that I found my good friend Chris
More info and picturesMy computer decided to start working again, so I'll write while I can. Games played today:Russian Fish
For more information, see my Purple Pawn entry.Games I saw a lot of, so far: Tichu, Race for the Galaxy, Endeavor. Mischa brought me kosher food from New Orleans. Yum.
Visited the Oxford Gaming Club to play a little more Magic. This evening, attendance was low and people had to go early, so we didn't play an entire draft and Swiss rotation like we did last time.I started with a game of ... I don't remember
I'm usually the one who leaves his cell phone (or overcoat) in the airplane lounge. It wasn't me this time. I gave the phone to the agent at the gate, and it turned out to be the guy sitting in front of us.
Continental CVG to EWRRachel foolishly scheduled a Skype interview for 3:30 pm, which meant that we had to be at our destination and connected to the Internet by that time. Our flight was scheduled to
We're off to NYC for the weekend. Rachel was invited to give a lecture in honor of Malka Bina, director of MaTaN, on Sunday morning. I have no idea where we're staying and what we'll be doing while we're there (Rachel does), but I know we'll have barely
The latest Jerusalem Strategy Gaming Club session report is up. Games played: Stone Age, Power Grid.BGG.con prep:I'm flying in on Wed morning and out on Monday
Or, Adventures in CincinnatiHalf-Priced BooksI drove along small roads, because I couldn't figure out how to get onto and off of the major highways.
Dayton's game group generally only meets on shabbat, which would preclude me from attending. Perhaps in response to my request for an alternative day for gaming while I was in the area, or simply by coincidence, one of the gamers - Bruce - held a day of
Some 20 minutes north of Miami University, Hueston Woods State Park is a small lake surrounded by short hikes and picnic grounds, riding, boating, a small nature center and a small beach.
Friday I walked around the Silvoor Biological Sanctuary ...
At least, not yet.Every other time I've traveled, I went out every day, camera and curious eye ready to see and report on something new. This trip, I've just been holed up in the house, working, just as if I was in Israel. One town is really
The latest Jerusalem Strategy Gaming Club session report is up. Games played: Fluxx, Amun-Re, Tichu.First of four sessions at Nadine's house, while I'm away.