Social aspects of technology and board games

Yehuda Berlinger

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The conference was allegedly scheduled to start at 9:00 with reception and signing in, and the first lecture to start at 9:45. Strangely, when I arrived at around 9:30, the introduction to the conference by Gadi Kfir had already taken place and the first lecture was underway. Until lunch break, all the sessions started and ended earlier than scheduled. The Attendees I will tell you about the people I know, or know of: Gadi Kfir, the organizer of the conference, is an expert on Israeli board games in the early twentieth century. Dr Irving Finkel is curator of ancient Mesopotamian clay tablets at the British Museum, and a leading expert on ancient board games such as Senet and UR. He has also written some books. Dr Finkel is infamous for being quoted in Time Magazine last year as saying that the last momentous innovation in board game design was acquiring properties in Mo... (more)

The Secrets of Corporate Blogging

Monday evening I'm giving a lecture at the Jerusalem Technical Writers Group on The Secrets of Corporate Blogging to a room full of technical and marketing writers, many of whom have a passing but probably incomplete knowledge of blogging. If you're interested in attending, see the above link. I'll post the entire presentation here after the talk. If anyone wants an advanced copy, let me know. Topics: What is Blogging? (short) What is Professional Blogging? What Professional Blogging is Not Required Professional Blogging Skills What is Corporate Blogging? Planning an External Cor... (more)

How to Get a Professional Corporate Blogging Job

The Secrets of Corporate Blogging I would like to begin with defining what corporate blogging is. There are actually four types of blogs that can be considered corporate blogs; I will list these definitions later. For now, suffice to say that I am most interested in corporate blogging as “professional blogging on behalf of a company”. So first I have to explain: what is professional blogging? And to do that, I first have to explain: what is blogging? What is Blogging? A casual definition of blogging is writing articles and then posting them online so that they can be accessed chron... (more)

Game 2.0

Game Developer on Ulitzer Microsoft releases a version of an operating system. Then they work at it making it better and release an update. And so on. Microsoft is still selling Windows, but Windows today is not the same Windows from 1990. Some board games also evolve internally, or are adapted and developed by others, in the same way that features from operating systems, browsers, and word processors develop in-house or by building on the competition. Games move online, mechanics from other games make their way into existing ones (like the latest versions of Risk), or other compa... (more)

Games and the Unix Philosophy

Unix Philosophy Perhaps the simplest form of early Unix Philosophy is as follows: every program should do one thing, do it well, and simply interface to every other program. In (early) Unix, only one program handled the printer; any other program sent items to that program if they wanted them printed. Similarly, only one program parsed, formatted, justified, calculated, and so on. Today's over-bloated software may not appear to have much to do with this philosophy, the core principals actually still guide programmers and operating system designers. In very early versions of Windows... (more)